30x30cm Print to Scale as seen in photos.

(e.g. if you order more, the pattern will repeat)


Available in 4 Colours

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple


Available in 4 Fabrics


  • Soft Velvet

Elegant, stylish and utterly sumptuous short piled Soft Velvet. Very soft, beautiful drape, smooth.

Produces fine lines and natural colours

Versatile and easy to work with



  • Cotton Drill

100% cotton drill fabric

Hard wearing and heavy weight

Characteristic diagonal drill weave

Perfect for furnishings, upholstery, clothing, uniforms



  • Faux Suede Vision

Soft, matte, opaque

Smooth handle, does not fray

Woven faux suede fabric - velvety pile

Great abrasion testing results



  • Cotton Satin

A classic satin fabric, made from 100% natural cotton.

A smooth and opaque surface and matt finish. 




For any other required sizes please contact.

Aubrey Print Fabric - 4 Sizes Available

Colour of Fabric
Size of Fabric
Fabric Type
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